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The Stuff I've Done

This is the page where I will post everything I can find of my past writing. Poems, articles, short stories, projects from writers groups... Some not the best work but for every new writer out there who may happen upon this page, I hope these works will give them a glimpse into the journey of the writing process. Not everything we write is the best piece we ever wrote, that's what learning to be a better writer is all about - and editing!

It will take some time but I will keep adding to this page as I go.

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I haven't written much for poems lately but it is a very expressive and challenging writing form to make it flow.

Short Story

This is where the craft is first learned. New writers rarely have enough story development experience to flesh out a full novel so the short story serves to strengthen and define the writing style.


I have written various pieces under various topics and most I think I have lost along the journey. These are what I have found. Experimenting with different avenues helps the writer decide where his style best suits him.


Here lies all the extra bits that didn't seem to fit anywhere else. Some I have no idea why I wrote them, others may have had a purpose but no destination. Either way, it's more writing...