Kevin G Hare

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The Wizard

His ancient eyes that wisdom wrought

His lines of age that time forgot

Looking now over changing lands

A realm built not with idol hands


Dwelling here in his simple home

Hidden beneath a leafy dome

The elves and fairies he loves to greet

And the bear, and the elk if chance they meet


And hap they verge midst leafy oak

With twilight high and a fire to stoke

They’d gather here, all beasts of wood

To sit all amongst as rarely could


All ears perked forward, and eyes aloft

The wizard starts, his voice kept soft

Glancing at each from the hare down low

To the wolf, and the gnome, and the lynx and the crow


Tales he’d tell of days of old

Maidens of fair fancied knights so bold

Great kings to throne grand kingdoms’ wealth

Wine goblets raised, “Hail!  To your health!”


Mighty warriors clashed battles afar

Lone masters that travel by light of star

Trolls of black hearts, sharp horns of Minotaur

Breath of fire, was writ dragon lore


And high above all, praised wizards’ name

Whose council given, sought not for fame

Of might and of magic, the wisest of sage

The bearers of fortune, guarded secrets of age


Was wizards believed true masters of realm

Listened to the wind, and spoke to the elm

Wondrous in nature and on earth he’d find

Pure of thought, not foul of mind


Those days past, though heart yearns to be

Mixing potions, casting spells, he’d decree

These tales he’d lived, his time he’d bought

And tells through eyes that wisdom wrought.