Kevin G Hare

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The Fae Paradox

This is not the story of one character, but three.

Imagine a medieval world where the rulers of the land are desperate to maintain control over their subjects. Poverty, fear, authoritative submission... the tools this system uses to keep the people from believing they have any freedoms.

Now imagine the rulers - the kings, the dukes, the political figures and the clergymen - are merely the instruments from which the true dark force works through. It spreads its claws over decent society making living conditions more difficult for the common people and convinces them the system is working in their best interest.

The Fae have long foreseen this spreading evil and set forth a plan to regain the balance of power, they only need to unite them and have them discover their true power. Three souls who cannot be swayed by darkness will unite the people and show them how to weaken the forces against them. But it will not be easy for there are secrets in the mysticism of the world that cannot be overlooked or overruled. Opposing forces that must be balanced. To win the day, our heroes must discover The Fae Paradox.

For everything that is big, there is something small. For everything that is strong, there is something weak. For dark, there is light and for evil, there is good. The world was formed on such balance and that balance can sometimes be thrown off course, and the will of the greater can affect the consequence of all.


Working book titles

Mysteries                                                       Belligerence                                                  United

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