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Terth Willager Age of Mythology

I'm thinking I will revisit this book as well, tidy it up and bring it to my current writing standards and see if I can coax out some more stories from Terth Willager and his friends, might be the character I can keep writing well into my senior years... But not until I finish my trilogy. That's the story I have reworked over and over until I finally found a story line that fits it. More on those books on the My Books page though. For now, let's have a look at the idea for Age of Mythology.


What truly defines a hero...?

Terth watched in horror as the lion twisted his head from side to side in an effort to loosen the hero's strong grip. His own fear was amplified after seeing the bow have no effect at point blank range. If Hercules should fall, Terth was most certainly doomed and after that, what force was there to stop the lion' rampage? He wanted to help but he felt useless just standing there holding the sword, watching the battle ensue.

Another part of him started to raise a voice, one that told him to find the courage for if he did not, it would mean the lives of many more than theirs. It was a strong voice that spoke of common sense, greater good and sacrifice.



Heroes, as we know them, have been seen in incredible variety. My heroes started in comic books and were labeled superheroes. At that time, I believed the only true hero was one with uncanny, inhuman, unnatural, or just plain superhuman abilities. I never really looked into the hearts of these heroes and discovered what type of people they were. There is far more to make a hero than extraordinary abilities. This is where I wanted to take Terth Willager.

In discovering who Hercules was, I unraveled a side of humanity that more defines what a hero is supposed to be. Is a hero defined by his strength, or his invulnerability or his superpower? Hercules possessed above average strength because he was half god but this did not define his hero status. His entire life was intertwined with turmoil – the guy just never got a lucky break! He was constantly faced with obstacle after obstacle; always another monster to slay, or enemy to overcome.

Then there is Terth Willager. Average, modern 12 year old, suddenly finds himself in ancient Greece battling a half god, indestructible lion alongside the mighty Hercules. Terth has no uncanny abilities, no super strength or heat vision, yet he is labelled a hero by the people of Cleonae equal to that of Hercules.


It is what truly defines a hero. The ability to overcome obstacles, the choices we make in the face of adversity, and how we cope with the turmoil and rise above to help another in peril. Bravery with brains not brawn. Superpowers are like cheating, having an advantage over the other guy. Level the playing field or fight when the odds are stacked against you and try your best no matter what – that’s a hero, and history is full of those folks!

Legends of age have had their share of distorted repetition throughout time. Most of the stories have become myth because it is impossible to track the truth from so long ago. The tales you read here, thusly, are only as accurate as my research has led me to believe. I have searched through several sources for this material and each source seemed slightly different from the last. Alas, it boils down to the idea of the event rather than the event itself. I cannot say that this exactly how it happened, but I fashioned Age of Mythology out of as much truth as I could fit and still make a story that included the presence of Terth Willager. After the story are the accounts of the labours as I have been able to put them together from the abundance of myths available.