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Spider-man 3

Enthusiasm is high and anticipation is as thick as – goo, black goo that is.  The kind of black goo that gets under your skin and turns you downright evil.

This is the undeniable truth that Spiderman fans have been waiting for – the emergence of Venom.  This will be Sam Raimi’s greatest test.  He did well with the first two, other than bringing a Power Ranger version of the goblin costume to the screen.  However, I believe fans will have to be patient a while longer, much to my own disappointment.  Based on articles, theatrical trailers and internet snippets, the bulk of S3’s storyline will revolve around two key elements:

Flint Marko’s (aka the Sandman) involvement with the death of Ben Parker.  A plot that ties in well with Peter getting the symbiote suit and allowing his darker side to fully unleash his vengeance.  We will get his back-story, then his rebirth as Sandman, then Pete’s discovery of his escape, which leads to Spidey’s involvement in hunting him down.  From a story standpoint, we can see how Flint, who may or may not have ulterior motives to do whatever he does, would get annoyed with Spiderman’s persistence and would come to see how the webbed one would become the bug that Marko just wishes to swat then move on with his life.

The second is the introduction of Gwen Stacey - the white queen against the black on Parker’s chessboard of life.  Also a timely distraction for Mary Jane’s attraction just as Peter loses himself to his darkness.  This crossover never appeared in the comics.  If I remember correctly, Gwen Stacey was killed before anyone knew who MJ was.  This kind of continuity contortion throws a wrench into the mechanics of the die-hards looking for familiarity.  It’s like the disturbing reality of making Superman a father before he left Louis for his space trip that made him look like a dead-beat dad!

Everything else in the story will be tertiary.  Harry Osborne’s obsession with the death of Spiderman will be sideline and rest assured with all the main story taking place, it will take the length of the film to work in Eddie Brock’s building hatred for Peter Parker and the rivalry between them.

Nay, I must say that I get the impression that Spidey 3 will be a mere stepping stone to a more developed Venom/Spiderman showdown, hopefully unencumbered by any interference from other evil forces.  Though I do whole-heartedly believe the film’s storyline is packed with interesting conflict that encompasses the interior struggles that makes Peter Parker who he is.  It has the action, the drama and the romance that proves this fantastic character is based firmly in possible reality that we reflect as human beings.

My major tangled web about the film?  If you boast about showing us the black suit, Sam, use the black suit, not a black suit!  This has me worried about how Venom will look.  I haven’t seen much on the final look but as a comic fan I know what to expect.  I know Topher Grace is capable of playing the role but Eddie Brock was never a stick figured, teenaged looking nerd.  Even with the technological leaps in CGI, which won’t be used for many close shots, how are they going to pull off the hulking, menacing, obviously overpowering look and feel that Venom has over Spidey?  That much make-up doesn’t always look so convincingly real – save for the most impressive job on creating Thing for Fantastic Four!

The point is, Sam, stick to the look that we, as fans want to see, not some re-worked bastardized version.  If it ain’t broke – don’t fix it!  Don’t claim to be a comic fan then pull a ‘Hollywood’ on important elements – it scares off true comic fans!