Kevin G Hare

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Enjoy these stories and forgive some for they were very early works and yet unedited to give you the full experience of my early writing years.

A Dragon's New Colour

Early stages of writing short stories. Perhaps an assignment for a writing course I took...

A Kiss in Blood

A Kiss in Blood is a story about Raeyanna who takes home an occasional lover, then kills him in her own bed.  Feeling strangely vigorous after a fresh kill, Rae steals off into the night to a tavern where she meets Mason, the brother of the local barkeep.

Abby Archer

This character shows up in Anderoth's Dragon.

Just sayin'...

Brittany's Journal

AHA assignment - had to write from the perspective of a teenage girl... interesting!

Feathered Duster

Short murder mystery with a very unexpected suspect. AHA assignment.

I Am Not Afraid of Dying

A moment of reflection, inspiration. Had to write some thoughts down.

My Domain

AHA assignment.

Passage of Right

Darker, gritty story about a soldier overcoming fear.

Tall Tale

Tiger? Or something else...

The Baker's Secret

Foster thought he married the perfect woman. Prisillas was giving, beautiful and a Duchess. He was a simple baker and never understood what she saw in him. But there was something else about her, something ugly underneath.

Lust, deception, murder... All the makings of a soap opera in medieval times!

Read the WattPad version here.

The Bribe of Eire

Heard of the Giant's Causeway? My imaginings of its origin.

The Broom and the Fence

AHA assignment. Writing based off a picture. This one was an old photo of a straw broom resting in the doorway of a cabin.

The Curse of Past Ages

A Captain's Log reading from two different captains, two different ships, and two different periods in time.

The Fence and the Hand

The sequel story to The Broom and the Fence. Goes into some backstory of The Fence.

The Grouchy Troll

Yes, Bark the troll from Anderoth's Dragon... Here's a little side story about how he deals with a couple of children when they trespass on his land.

The Sentinel

I have a tea light burner on my desk my niece gave me. It inspired this one.

The Singing Bone

An AHA assignment, in this case, rewrite a Grimm Fairy Tale in our own words. I chose The Singing Bone.

Two Birds

Very short, another AHA assignment based off of a popular phrase.

Two birds, one stone.

The Lore of Dragons

At 5500 words, this is one of my best short stories, posted it on several writing websites and received great reviews. I have edited this one since the original.

A Shadow Plague has fallen over the city of Gavan, one that robs its people of their joy and zest for life. The lore of dragons has taught them to fear the beasts for they are soulless killers but to rid them of their curse, Melhainy has to convince them that only a dragon can help.

The Path

A insightful outlook and reflection of our place in life. A man walks a path and strikes a conversation with a wise, old tree.