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Self-Publishing: Things to Know to Make Money

Don’t be alarmed, though you may think self-publishing is the easy way to go, I have to burst your bubble and inform you that it is only a guarantee that your book will be published. After that, the effort you make to market your creation will determine your success in the writing world. Sales will only be generated if you invest the money or the time or sink much of your efforts into promoting your work through every internet niche you can find.


What does it take?

It takes a heart-filled amount of determination and committing to a promotional strategy. And start early, very early, like before your book is finished early. Writing is a talent, it’s a skill and skills need to be perfected. Write and write lots! Never hurts to brush up on some grammar! Post some of your poetry or short stories on social network sites and get some feedback. Positive or negative, there’s always room for improvement. Grasp the fact that you will never stop learning to be a better writer. Get involved with discussion forums and provide feedback as well, this will help set your status as a viable voice amongst your peers. Key phrase: establish credibility. Build yourself a website or get a blog site and keep an active role in keeping it updated. Ask questions, invite discussions, host contests, whatever it takes. Want to write for money and learn how good you are? Hellooo – HubPages… There are plenty of sites just like this one too to help you fine-tune your craft (Helium, Tiond…).

Be prepared to be patient.

Book sales are a waiting game when you publish through a POD printer. Overnight success is extremely rare unless you are already Rowling status or have already marketed and promoted for some time and acquired hundreds of presales; but then you would have already had to be patient to get that far. If you have no budget for marketing then you are taking the long hard road of promotion. This is the route I’ve had to take. I took the time to search the internet for more popular discussion boards to get involved with, build a following and a notion of trust to my name as a writer. Take the time to construct a press release and take advantage of posting your name and book title on every free bulletin board you can find. Once you have your name out there doing the little things, promoting your book will be a little easier.

When you build your name…

One big hint, never market your book itself, market the benefits of your book to your readers. As new writer, start building yourself locally then build regionally. Construct an article or two and submit them to a local newspaper. Get involved with a writing group or take some seminars if they come up in your area; anything that will help you get your name in the right area so people will associate your name with writing. Don’t be afraid to answer questions about writing either, tell people how you did it when asked, again, it’s about establishing credibility. Don’t forget the single most important aspect of promotional success – your book and your writing is your resume. If it looks and reads crappy, it reflects on your credibility. Take the time to do it right.

When you are ready…

Awesome! Your book is in print and ready for sale! Promote and promote like crazy! Print yourself some business cards and bookmarks, post your new release on your website or blogsite, post a couple of sample chapters to get people interested. If you’re really talented or know someone who is, put together a promotional teaser video about your book. You don’t even need to buy a fancy new program, Windows Movie Maker comes with Windows and does an excellent job. Post your video on YouTube and tell everyone about it. Get out into the public too; set up some book signings at your library or grocery store, see your local paper will interview you, try to get radio time on the morning show. Most of these things are free cause, hey, the media needs something to talk about too! If you did get involved with a writing group, set up a group signing with other authors. This idea works great if there is more than one genre involved, it pulls in a greater crowd!

Self-publishing is not easier but it is more fun and far more rewarding. Putting all that work into a single project lets you take some pride out of what you have accomplished. You can sign off to your readers knowing they will enjoy the quality entertainment you have provided. Don’t forget that other authors are your friends, not your competition. Get to know some of them, many are trying to promote themselves just like you. Set up some link exchanges – no better way to spread the word than word of mouth! Looking to find other authors? Find some at The SPAI Group, Self-Published Author Initiative at