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There exists on our current thought platform an idea derived from early attempts at stepping outside the pre-forms of traditional publishing - that self-publishing produces low quality and cheap books.

While the concept may have originated in truth with the ‘vanity press’ being quick to scoop an uneducated in the ways of publishing, newbie writer’s money and providing very little, if any, form of real service.

Truthfully, I speak from real experience. I was once the starry-eyed newbie writer with delusions of grandeur about seeing my book in print and waiting for it to become the overnight success I wrote it to become.

Hello reality…

To the tone of $2500 for the printing package and another $500 for an editor that bared no fruit, I was selling my friends and family a good story that was poorly written. I deeply implore you not to trek this road, you will feel the sting the rest of your life.

Thankfully, I had the tenacity to saddle up again and research where I went wrong. I have learned a lot and if I can save a soul or two by passing on this information, I may redeem some of the dignity I sacrificed in my ‘trial and catastrophe’ days.

There is a wave of inspiration sweeping the globe about self-publishing and independent publishing. This is brought to truth by a rise in published books in the market. New titles are not always being introduced by traditional publishing houses anymore because let’s face it, if you have ever tried to submit your manuscript to one of these editors, you know all to well the wait and rejection game you play. Traditional publishers are all about business. They have to rely on the next big thing to offset all their other little things. It’s more about marketing and less about the story. If you are their next big thing, great for you; if you aren’t, good luck.

This is where folks turn to the simplicity of the self-publishing market. This is the writer’s guarantee they will see their work in print.

Now let’s be forewarned of the reality.

Keep in mind first that you are either doing all the work to prepare the manuscript for print or paying someone with the skills to do it for you. Most of us don’t have that kind of money so we are going it alone. Are you format savvy? You will be. You will need to type out the entire manuscript in your word processor, format the document according to the guidelines set by your chosen print house, design your book’s cover ensuring that your title, picture and name stay within the bleed area and you also need to write up the synopsis for the back cover of the book. And let’s not get started on the ISBN and copyright just yet.

Are you feeling overwhelmed yet? We haven’t even started on the importance of quality – your story, your cover, your synopsis – all these parts of the equation can multiply or divide your writing career.

Honestly, I am not trying to overload your desire to write or dissuade you from writing; if there’s a story inside you, by all means, get it on paper! We have the skills and technology to make things happen. My purpose here is to force you to slow down and make sure you put out a quality book capable of competing in your chosen genre. You will not regret this very important decision.

If you have the funds to invest in seeing your book to the end (another important decision you won’t regret), or need some well seasoned advice from some great experts, I recommend you visit Jerry D Simmons at or Penny Sansevieri, President and CEO of Author Marketing Experts at

Already have your book published and looking for someplace to show it off? Take a peak at The SPAI Group (Self-Published Author Initiative) at, Bookdoggie at, The Bogie Files at, or fReado at

Following through with your book idea is a tremendously rewarding experience, especially if you take your time to do it right and people like it. Utilize the resources at hand and you will see your efforts flourish in the marketplace!