Kevin G Hare

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Santa's Wish

If you ride a snowflake where the north winds blow

Over a crystalline desert with dunes of snow.

And you travel far where magic spreads thick

You will find the tiny town of jolly St. Nick.


Where candy cane lamps shine each frosty road

Right to the end to the Kringle’s abode.

A peek in the window at this time of season

St. Nick will be humble for very good reason.


Thousands of letters he reads and rereads

Of hopes and wants and wishes and needs.

Though every so often he'll find one unlike

One that's not wishing for a toy or a bike.


'Dear Santa,'  Wrote Sarah, for a little girl this was

'I'm not wishing a lot, like my brother does.

It's not dolls that I want under the tree

Just a simple hope that you'll visit me.


You see, I'm ten this year and that means a lot

"She wouldn't see it."  Is what they thought.

But I made them believe is what I did

So please Santa please, it's all I bid.'


He had to oblige, he couldn't say no

It's the spirit that fills him, and drives him so.

A kiss to the Mrs. and he's on his way

With Dancer and Prancer and his personal sleigh.


A thump and a jingle he landed just right

Down the chimney, up the stairs with all his might.

He found her room, and gave a grin

Knocked once, knocked twice, a voice said, "Come in."


With a "Ho ho ho!"  He stepped with one stride

Caught the sparkle in her eyes when they opened wide.

"Santa, you're here!  You're really here!"

"Of course, little Sarah, you've been good this year!"


They talked a bit her spirits were high

She was curious to know how reindeer fly.

And if Santa slept on the twenty-fourth,

Or if the south pole was just the bottom of the north.


They laughed and giggled til their sides were sore

“Then Santa,” She asked “what do you wish for?"

Now he stroked his chin and raised one brow,

For he had never been asked that 'til now.


What I do is a selfless task

There's nothing on Earth I'd really ask.

But if there was one thing I'd like to see,

It's for people to always believe in me."


She looked in his eyes and was quite sincere

"I've been through much, and my time is near.

I’ll still believe, if they all don't

You won't fade Santa, I won't let you, I won't.


When I take my place with the angels high

My Christmas spirit will be free to fly.

To every home I'll spread this joy,

Every man, every woman, every girl, every boy.


And they'll remember you, great Santa Claus

They'll stop and think and have to pause.

To recall what it is you're all about,

The spirit of giving in a big red coat."


Now Santa sat, amazed as such

At this little heart he'd touched so much.

This tiny angel with faith overflow

Rides free on a snowflake where the north winds blow.