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Positive Power

Success, confidence, self-assurance and an entourage of friends, acquaintances and business partners. Have you ever noticed that these are the qualities of the most financially and socially prosperous? Is it their specific attunement to all the good stuff in the universe? Is it that they happen to always be in the right place at the right time? Are did they just get pelted with a bigger bag of luck than you? No friends, they have only fully understood the credit of positive thinking.

To help you fully grasp any possibility that you may be thinking, “That doesn’t work, I’ve tried it.”, or “I don’t believe in that stuff.”, let us see how your perspective is doing. Generally, people are on one side or the other, some are in a neutral zone, these folks are content with the way things are in their life and they deal with better or worse as it comes along. A majority of people are on the negative side – this is the funny part from my experience – they believe in the negative because it is easier! It’s easier to think your day is going to be crummy, or you’re not going to get that promotion, or she’s going to say no if you ask her out… If you constantly think that bad things happen to you, they generally do, don’t they? You are putting your negative thoughts into the universal ‘stuff’ that makes things happen and getting results. It’s easier not to try. Our society is far too susceptible to laziness and believing in negativity is the easy way out. Is this where you tend to side?

We’ve all heard in some form that hard work equals greater payoff. It really isn’t any different with positive thinking, positive affirmation, or focusing on the good things – however you want to label it. Such a change in the thought process doesn’t require a stout religious background, believing in angels, spirit guides or a higher power, it just means redirecting those energies that cause you to think negatively, and make them positive.

You have every right to be successful. For those who rely on religion, there is no spirit guide that would purposefully bound your life to poverty if it would cause you unhappiness. If this is the way you think then you’re on the wrong side of the fence, mate – jump to where the grass is greener! Be all that you are capable of becoming. To live happy and be successful is to be happy, fruitful, productive, helpful and above all - grateful. Success is coming to you, be thankful for it!

Now the person who does think positively; they are not abnormal people, they are not superior people nor are they evil people because they want and get success and wealth. They are people who strive to be better and that makes them happier people because they have desired a fuller more abundant life for themselves and their family. They live to benefit the mind, body and soul to create a harmonic state of well-being. To deny one of these elements is to deny true success.

So how do we make the shift to the plus? Start small. There’s no need to jump into the big effort right off the get go. Start your day with “This is going to be a good day.”, compliment a complete stranger, catch yourself when you’re thinking, “That guy has a bad attitude.” and change it to, “I hope that guy learns to be a better person.” If you can easily apply these exercises in your everyday life without effort, you are well on your way. You can then think about all the things you want in life, the positive things that would make you happy, truly believe without doubt that these things will come to you and you deserve them and you will get them. You are now in the process of putting these thoughts into the universal ‘stuff’ that makes things happen, and they will happen for you! And when you get these things – be grateful! Once you have achieved, being positive is a piece of cake – because you have obtained that which makes you happy! See the cycle? Cool, huh?

And thank you for taking the time to read this!