Kevin G Hare

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These are largely my very early works. I haven't written any poetry in some time but when I do, I will post it here!

Bark the Troll

The story of Bark the Troll from Anderoth's Dragon


Miscellaneous poem I wrote. I believe it was an AHA writer's group project.

Halloween Haibun

AHA project

Happy King Cow

AHA project.

Lesarius the Dark

My take on the origin of vampires.

Romulus of History

The story of Romulus, when I originally planned to have him play narrator for the Romulus Accounts.

Santa's Wish

Wrote this one at Christmas one year, got it published in the Western Star!

The Battle of Horns

Imagine all the battles ever fought and witnessed by man. But what of the battles that go unnoticed? What outcome befalls the great and fantastic beasts of legend when they meet on the field of combat?

Read the WattPad version here.

The Wind

Feeling particularly poetic that day.

The Wizard

Might have originated after watching The Lord of the Rings...

Under the Stars

This is interesting. Wrote it a couple of years before I met my wife and we used it in the wedding!