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Organizing Survival the OG Wild Way

Organizing Survival is the product of a passion. Partially from the belief the world may soon collapse under the pressure of a corrupt and destructive system, but mostly because we understood and acted upon the desire to reconnect with the natural world. It has been a year in development, fine tuning the important points and editing and has finally reached the proof reading process which is being completed by renowned bushcrafters and instructors Kelly Harlton and Mors Kochanski.

We take our light-hearted approach to show you some serious topics as they relate to what we need to know about the wild. Where to find the essential ingredients to maintain warmth and hydration, the most important aspects to successfully survive in case one ever finds themselves lost in the middle of nowhere.

We cover the 5 C's of survival: cutting tool, combustion, cover, container and cordage and how these tools provide everything you need to stay comfortable. How to manage the stress of being lost and trying to stay alive, how to build a signal fire as well as tips on weaving your own rope, coal burning a bowl, tying essential knots and wearing your wool blanket as cloak against rain and cold.

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