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Anderoth's Dragon is now available! (again!) This is the last rewrite for this title. I am comfortable enough with my writing skill to finally say that. I can also say that the first two times I wrote and re-wrote, it wasn't great but you know, I wasn't afraid to try and I'm proud of that. I managed to get the book into a few hands and the feedback I'm getting is awesome, it has led me to believe I may yet be able to compete in the big leagues, especially when I've been told directly, "I wasn't expecting much (small town guy, someone I know... etc, etc.) but once I started it, I had a hard time putting it down."

That's good news for any writer.

Anderoth's Dragon is available on Amazon at in paperback and here, for the Kindle edition. I really hope if you grab a copy you will leave a comment on Amazon.

Anderoth's Dragon

The first complete book I ever wrote. By far not the best and it comes with a great back story! This is a tale I envisioned after first watching The Lord of the Rings, Fellowship of the Ring was released in theaters. I read the books prior to watching the movies and I thought both mediums were great. It sparked in me the desire to know if I could create a great story as well. Read on here to find out how it went...

Terth Willager Age of Mythology

This book started out with just the name, Terth Willager. It popped into my mind one day and wouldn't go away until I had someplace to put it. With some thought, I came up with the idea of a time traveling teen who meets up with Hercules on the first of his twelve labours and helps the hero find his courage after the loss of his wife and child. I really wanted to stick as close to the mythology of the Hercules tales as I could without embellishing too much of a "Hollywood" interference. I wanted true-to-earth so to speak but as the tales are rooted more in myth than historical fact, room for some exaggeration to round out the story had to be made.

I started to think, as the characters developed, a kid whose family owns a museum with a time traveling portal in the basement... there's so much more potential here than just one story! There was an ongoing series in the works here. And indeed I did start book 2, Terth Willager and the Shadows of Avalon, where I had planned for him to fall into Arthurian times and Camelot where he would discover the truth about the fabled hero, King Arthur. I never finished that one though, life happened, had kids, didn't write as much but I did try to write.

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The Little Book Series

The Little Book of Joe's Sh!t Life

Joe came about from some truths I began to realize and research about our current system. I believed the system has been failing us for years but some friends enlightened me as to how and how badly. After I was laid off because the oil economy crashed and many an oilfield worker in the unemployment lines, I was so furious at the system that I needed an avenue to express myself.

And along came Joe...

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Organizing Survival the OG Wild Way

Wilderness survival is another passion of mine. It is one I share with a couple of friends and so we started OG Wild Productions, our avenue to learn, express and teach everything we know about bushcraft.

OG stands for Ordinary Guys. That's who we are, not military trained, not farm raised (well, maybe Levi...), not mythical monks leaping from branch to branch, we are the common people who find a sense of serenity being outdoors. It's the natural life we are drawn to, away from the hustle, pressure and deadlines of modern society. Everyday out in the wild is another day to maintain a comfort zone.

Join OG, our bigfoot mascot and companion on an incredible journey to the natural world where we teach you the basics of wilderness living and survival psychology. We also throw in a bonus section of tools and tips to help you out!

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The Fae Paradox

Formerly The Theonis Trio, this is my trilogy, this will be my crowning achievement when it is complete for I have envisioned, outlined, worked, reworked, written and rewritten this story line over the span of my writing life until I fine tuned it into something I was happy with. I went so far as to complete the first book at 82 000 words and scrapped it!

Read more about that story here...

Other Projects in the Works

Here's some future projects I have on the go...

The Crystal Phantom

Slightly stepping out of my regular genre, this story will be a paranormal science fiction set in steampunk fashion.

During a time of turmoil, the phantoms of the dead have risen to strike back against mankind. The nations have used telepaths or 'ghost whisperers' to establish communication with their new enemy with limited success. One such being, the strongest of telepaths, was sent to the central hive of the phantoms but he was never heard from again.

This is the story of James Derigo, paranormal research scientist. Considered a leading mind in his field he is the only person to every successfully trap a phantom using his bio-resonance field technology. The army enlists him for the war effort, the problem is, he doesn't really work well with others...

An OG Wild Winter

Similar to Organizing Survival, the boys set out to the middle of nowhere to test their skills in winter conditions for a week. This is less of a how-to book and will read like an adventure tale.

Out of the Crapper

The next in the Little Book series to Joe's Sh!t Life, this book will offer a realistic insight into the state of our being, the forces that influence our behaviour and the probable reasons why. The more we see and know, the more obvious it becomes. This is the beginning to living cleaner - in more ways than you might think! Check out these chapter titles!

The Stink

The Air We Breathe

Advancements(?) in Technology

The Filter Process


Burst the Bubble

Just Breathe

The Scent of Nature

Clean Living


The world has ended and rebuilt itself. After a zombie apocalypse that wiped out most of the planet's population, society has picked up the pieces and started anew. The New World Order government has established absolute control over the few remaining patches of civilization and act as the guardians of the people's fates so another outbreak can never happen again.

A resistance group discovers a truth behind the apocalypse and works to free mankind from the lie perpetuated by their protectors.