Kevin G Hare

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Lesarius the Dark

When the sands of time were shallow still

The land just new, the seas just filled

The gardens grew thick, rich and green

Streams were free to flow, their melody serene


The gods decreed this Sacred Earth

With trees and beasts did life give birth

Yet another task was still to fall

A race yet needed to tend them all


So wrought from earth a mound took form

And light was added, to make it warm

Then gathered beasts of air and wood

As the mound broke loose, and a being stood


Then the gods spoke for all to hear

“This being we give, you shall not fear

The first of many and of his kind

A herald of light and passionate in mind


Imbued in him are gifts of life

To love and heal in times of strife

Knowledge to know, and know to learn

Of power and greatness he will never yearn”


But forces oppose and a warning was told

To any such beast that felt so bold

“Let not him stray, or wrong path embark

Lest see him turn, and his heart go dark


Night’s black agent, life everlast

Thirsting for blood else he fast

A herald of dark you will then fear

Heed this warning lest death come near”


The age passed on in the gods’ green palace

Peace reined true no hint of malice

Til one herald, Lesarius by name

Wondered his worth, thought not the same


He once was pure but corrupted he grew

His heart did yearn for something new

Knowledge, he learned, became a power

More he yearned and his spirit turned sour



His hair of gold turned black as coal

His love was lost as was his soul

Ages spent on knowledge he quested

His endless curse that never rested


Many races spawned of Earth

Seen Lesarius’ eyes accursed

Bound as night’s eternal squire

Earth now knew it’s first vampire


His life was blood that begged his call

His body held no life at all

Beware who dare this path embark

Lest fate match thee with Lesarius the Dark.