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Kindle Craze = Perfect Promotion

It hit the market with a triumphant declaration to shift the industry into a new phase of development. “Hey, I am here!” is what it told us but now it shouts with the ferocity and backing of its creator – Amazon.

I am referring, of course, to the Kindle. Now in its third generation, the DX, it offers a larger screen than the Kindle 2 at 9.7 inches, 16 shades of gray (no RGB or CMYK folks, sorry), 3.3GB of storage space allowing for 3,500 books, documents, newspapers and blogs at a mere 60 second download time at your fingertips. You can read for days before having to recharge the batteries, a 90 degree rotation of the Kindle unit will take you from portrait to landscape and back again – and, ladies and gentlemen, if your eyes get tired the Kindle can read the print to you! I know what you’re thinking – send the kids to bed, set up the Kindle to read out “Where the Wild Things Are” and you get a little more Facebook time. I wouldn’t be the one to recommend such an action!

So besides its sleek design, lightweight, very portable, library in a carry case concept, how do we, as writers, take advantage of this mainstream, e-marketing mogul? Why through Amazon of course! Head on over to Amazon’s Digital Text Platform site at, set yourself up an account, login, click the ‘Add new item’ button and proceed to fill in the details of your literary document. Set your price, save your info then twiddle you thumbs for the next 24 – 48 hours while your story is set up for Kindle download prosperity! This is instant (well, as instant as it gets), no need for an ISBN, publishing (yes, publishing) option for the everyday wordsmith. Remember, quality still counts here, people still have to buy it before they read it and no one likes to spend money on a bad product.

That brings me to the mind-blowing part of this piece. Say you formatted just right, keyworded with the accuracy of a sharp-shooter at a hundred paces and get in one of Amazon’s top-whatever lists. Say you priced you article at $5, say you started off with a happy 200 customers for your story around the globe in your first month – that’s $1000! You start seeing the need for quality writing? You build a name for yourself and you can retire early my friend!

There’s no shortage of ideas to list either, Kindle is a promoter’s playground. Articles, short story or poetry collections, book excerpts if you are looking to test market that new novel idea, post your blogs too – it’s all available here!

I, personally, was getting ecstatic about the Kindle DX idea. I have stories I can publish, I keep most of them at my website,, but this is where I leave some of you, as I was left, with a sour taste in my mouth: Canadian? Sorry dude, not available here, nor can we publish. Why? Politics, funny people in suits, too many animals on our currency, take your pick. So far, we’re just in the loop yet, eh?