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The First Step

Perhaps the greatest discovery of one’s own courage is found in taking the first step into the unknown.

There’s nothing like a good journey to lift the spirit. An ongoing adventure of discovery to see where life takes you. In my mind’s eye, I can see myself walking the lands of Middle Earth with the Fellowship, living off the land and tackling all the challenges that come to face us. I feel connected with the outdoors, the missing part of my soul I could never have found without taking that first step into the wild.

Being a part of OG Wild is my great adventure. Through outdoor living, I can walk in the boots of some of my favourite characters; Legolas, Aragorn or Bilbo and Gandalf, spirits most akin to my own and more at home under the expanse of the natural world than in vast cities of stone. There is healing to be found in the forest landscapes and many benefits to the body, mind, heart and soul few doctors and absolutely no pharmacy will admit to.

The Earth is a living network. It feeds and maintains itself, thrives with her own energy we have lost touch with in our artificial landscapes. We are taught we will catch a cold, get germs and infections if we go outside. Ideals pushed on us from medical companies hoping to cash in through chemicals claimed to protect us. The truth hidden from us is that constant ingestion of these chemicals weakens our immune systems so when a virus does latch on, it does far more damage.

And we convince ourselves it’s because we went outside.

I am proof to the contrary. I was not raised on pills and pharmacies’ remedies. I sleep outside in minus forty degrees Celsius on a bed of spruce bows and haven’t caught the flu since I got a flu shot nearly twenty years ago. I haven’t been practicing outdoor living that long but I always knew what was better for me. Man-made chemicals weren’t it.

I am the type of person who gets caught up in the gentle movement of the trees in the wind. I imagine the leaves rustling is a secret language used by the forest. I am captivated by birds gliding through the air and I am instantly calmed by those experiences. I am at peace sitting in front of a fire with nothing but good friends and a tall forest around me. I am grounded when I walk in the grass in bare feet.

I feel the energy of the Earth when I am in direct contact with her and I feel I must apologize when I need to break off branches to make a bed or start a fire. I see along things as living entities deserving of respect.

Discovering why I am this way is my journey. It’s learning who I am by learning more about the natural world. Living a life surrounded by technology is my illness and seeking the calming, healing force of nature is my medicine. She has so many stories to tell and I am only finishing the prologue.

If you feel the same as I do, join me on my quest, comment on this post or on OG Wild’s new YouTube playlist, Kevin’s Journeys. Share with me your stories as I share mine as we take these first steps back into Mother Nature’s embrace and learn some truly amazing secrets!


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