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As writers, we try to express ourselves through the written word through books, stories, articles, or whatever means we can find or create to continue our craft. Writing full length novels is a time consuming project which we enjoy because it allows us to imagine then bring to life new characters and new worlds to share with anyone willing to read about them. Sometimes, we find other ways to bring out that creativity and I am always finding new paths and new excuses to write more.

Being involved with OG Wild (see more at, and producing several YouTube videos, I have created a new stream where I can write and read short stories and poetry in front of the camera. I called it Campfire Fables. It suited perfectly as OG Wild focuses on wilderness living skills and camping so telling stories around the campfire is just a natural and traditional progression of the entire program.

Continuing that idea, I thought, wouldn't it be cool if I brought that concept over to my author site and created a character who would sit before the camera and tell the stories I have written from my fantasy fiction side? Much like Jim Henson's The Storyteller. I loved that show!

He will be a wizard style character, much like Romulus from Anderoth's Dragon (maybe not so ancient looking though!) and he is currently in development. I don't have a name for him yet but I'm thinking about holding a contest where viewers get to name him where a signed copy of my recently re-released copy of Anderoth's Dragon will be up for grabs, maybe with some other cool swag as well...

I'm really excited about this project because it keeps me motivated to create more stories and I hope to get my work promoted on a greater scale. Stay tuned for more information, I will be posting some development photos as I fine tune the character and set I want to put him in. I will enjoy everybody's feedback and comments as I want to make this character someone will want to see more of.

Cheers everyone!

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Every writer at some point feels the curse of writer's block. That mind-numbing experience where all creative flow seems to completely dissipate and we are left staring at either a blank page or the end of a sentence wondering where to go next. Unknown to many writers, there are less orthodox methods to cleansing those negative creative blocks...... Read more here.

The Lore of Dragons

This is my best and personal favourite short story I ever composed. I uploaded it to a few different writing websites when it was originally completed a few years ago and it was met with great reviews. I thought I lost it when I started uploading all my work to this site but a tedious search rewarded me with a paper printed copy I still had. Having to retype it, I had the opportunity to edit it and make it even better than it was.

I'm thinking now I would like to take this a step further and turn it into a picture book or animated electronic book of some sort. I'll post more on that as I figure it out but here's a glimpse of the original paragraphs I started with that encompass the story.


Lore – the stories of heroes and villains. Stories of adventures lived by daring and often rebellious souls seeking glory and immortality. Lore is what binds common folk to their own realities for they have not the heart to seek such danger and certainties of doom but still are mesmerized by the feats and unbelievability of these people.

But lore is not always told for the glory of the hero it tells of. There are times when the deed is simple but the impact of the story reaches the center of our hearts and leaves a mark so deep we are forever changed, scarred with the beauty of the actions of another who believed there was something more, something beyond what was believed by others. Such are stories imprinted in our minds, remembered always and given the true definition of immortality.

The tale remembered well in the land of Gavan was of a shadow, one that occasionally blanketed its ominous presence over the desperate landscape and her residents. Gavan was once a province of beauty, lush with greenery, vibrant with life, and bountiful of produce to feed a population of happy villagers. But with the appearance of the strange shadow, and for the years that followed, the happy people soon learned to cower from the misfortune that plagued them. Whenever the shadow appeared, gloom soon followed.

Read the new, full story here.

About My Books

I am adding new content to the site. I thought it would interesting to include my projects so I now have a page to show them. Each book, when I get them all on the Books page, will have it's own back story so you get a feel how it came to be and the process behind it. It will be a glimpse into my creative process so make sure you have popcorn and seat belts, it may be a wild ride!

The first is Anderoth's Dragon. It's the logical choice as it was both my first book and my current project. I am re-envisioning this because... well, read more about that here, you'll get the idea. Stay tuned for updates on the rest of my writing projects!


You Gotta Have Goals!

You just don't know where your writing is going to go unless you have some sort of goal of where you want it to be. Do you have one book project on the go? Two? Four? It's nice to be that creative but I'm finding working on several projects at once takes longer to get any one of them done.

However, it is equally nice to have another story to turn to when you encounter that bit of writer's block we all experience at some point. If I'm not sure where to take my character at some junction, I can set it aside and pick up where I left off with another character in another story. I don't have to stress that I'm not getting anything accomplished - I'm still writing something. Have a word goal per day for yourself, nobody ever said all of those words had to be for one story, it's just implied.

Having mentioned that, I have about four book projects on the go but this summer I want to focus on one. I wrote my first book in 2009, rewrote it and stuck it on a shelf with the conclusion that it was my first book, not my greatest and it would never go anywhere anyway. Someone I know read it recently and thought it was a great book and wanted to know about a sequel. Not that everyone else who read it and didn't think it was ok, I just wanted to focus on other projects at the time. I didn't really have a sequel thought out in all these years but it did inspire to perhaps, maybe, with a little more work, I could improve on this story; bring it up to my current writing standards and challenge myself to make something of it.

This project shouldn't really feel daunting as it is a developed story already, I only need to tweak it, like editing into a final draft. I don't have to think too hard about where I want the story to go because it is already there, I just need to make it better.

So I am going to set my other projects aside for the next couple of months (including computer repairs, sorry folks, getting tired of never having time to write!) and really complete this book. I even have a really talented individual in mind who can redo the cover art for me. There's my goal!

The Writing Life

Writing isn't something you just do, it's something you feel. It's not about creating a story but getting so caught up in the process it creates itself and takes you on the journey. You are just there to press the appropriate keys on the keyboard.

Writing is an art form in it's own right. There is craft, labour and style, there is failure and triumph and more often than not, there is great satisfaction at the completed piece. It is sometimes very difficult to explain why we must write a story whe there are so many completed stories already we could just read. Where is the interest in knowing how the story is going to end? Where the plot twists are going to come into play and who gets it in the end?

Because it's the journey. Like every artist honing their craft, it is in the joy of creating a masterpiece.

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