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In Good Faith, We Jump

Revelation is defined in my New World Dictionary: a revealing or disclosing of something; God’s disclosure or manifestation to man of his will.

A revelation of any sort is a mind-altering experience.  It is not simply arriving at a conclusion, or the birth of an idea.  It is a process by which mind, body and spirit arrive at a definitive notion to radically change the thought process.

This shift is enlightening.  Our time is dedicated to the mundane experience of routine.  Over time we have manifested this routine into a security blanket from which any deviation will result in catastrophic events.  This is how we grow to fear change.  A revelation has a way of overcoming this.

Don’t get me entirely wrong – security is useful.  Security pays the mortgage, it offers peace of mind.  It works for those who are content and yearn not for the boisterous activities of the free spirit.  Such people will always be here.  They don’t need extraordinary lives to be happy, decent citizens.  They maintain the balance in our universe.

I have never been that type.  I am not content with a job; I need a career where I have a voice and a purpose.  But I could not shed my security blanket because I feared the consequences.  My revelation brought me to a dramatic conclusion.  I realized in my routine that the hateful process, the lack of accomplishment, the resentful nature of my existence and of my fellow human beings had become, in essence, routine.  This had to change.

For years I longed for the change.  I yearned for a life at home.  I wanted more family time.  I didn’t know how to get there.  There have been times of trial and error.  There have been mistakes.  But there has been learning also, and that is key.  It was not in me to achieve great things at my job.  It existed solely to pay the mortgage, to offer security.

I have shed my fear of this.  I have chosen to embark on a career as a writer and entrepreneur.  I have made my leap of faith to accomplish this.  Not the type of faith that says ‘it’s alright, God will look after me no matter what’.  It’s the type of faith where I believe wholeheartedly that I can do this and I can make things work out.  I can’t help but think maybe that’s more of what He wanted for us all along – faith in ourselves, for when we look into our own good nature do we not radiate His will?

Please keep in mind that I am not advising anyone to up and quit jobs in delusions of grandeur.  I have spent a lot of time and effort to become a writer.  I have worked at it.  I know, like any craft, that I will always work on it and learn from it to make it a better craft.  Planning and a little deliberation go a long way.  Proof is in the pudding, people!  The fact that you may be reading this in a publication says that I have done some homework.

What does this leap mean?  Confidence, focus, and knowing what matters.  Is the droning life of servitude helping to maintain an uplifting and positive mindset?  Is the stress afflicted by the day’s challenges a greater weight to burden than the labours of Hercules?  Maybe it was time to rediscover what creates happiness, get a grip on it and hold on like it was the first time I ever straddled that sleek, chrome-accessorized, two-wheeled chunk of vibrating lady luxury and barrelled down that lonely highway.  Regaining that control in life relieved the stress.  Yes there was fear at first, a daunting undertaking and a constant worry about how things will go, like my wife warned, ‘Just make sure the bills are paid!’  But there was also exhilaration, empowerment, and freedom. 

I am not on a tour of life guided by anyone who preaches the way I should live it.  I walk my own path.  I make my own mistakes.  I learn my own lessons.  My cost?  I exchange misery for happiness, hateful routines for family time, resentment for a balanced good nature.  And I wake up feeling great about myself.  If my path is destined to be a short one, I intend to leave some footprints!

Revel is above revelation in my dictionary.  It is defined: to revel in one’s freedom; boisterous festivity; merry-making.  Therefore, I think I will take the time to revel in my revelry of my revelation!