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I Am Not Afraid of Dying

There a lot of things to live for in the course of a lifetime – ask a terminally ill patient who is focused on all the things they want to do but can’t.

I’m not afraid of dying – I’m afraid of not having lived.

We live in a busy world. We are blinded by personal objectives, deadlines and goal oriented desires providing only momentary pleasures that barely linger in our short-term memories. Where’s the spice in it? Where’s the juice to quench our thirst for knowledge? Does everybody feel the same way about death? Or are we all just afraid to truly live?

Think about all the things that happened to you in your life; getting married, watching your children being born - all the events that you can’t forget. The wonderful, monumental epiphanies that have made you feel happy and alive. The times you gave something to help somebody out or shared something or laughed with someone. When did you feel the joy or the heartache or the pain that defined your character? When did you experience that time when you wanted nothing more than to stand on the tallest building and scream, “I AM HERE!”?

These aren’t the little things that happen to us as random acts of mediocrity – these are the lessons of humanity that characterize us, the notifications that we are human. Don’t pass on the opportunity to laugh or cry or share. Humankind has grown and diversified in so many ways; and there so many ways that keep us differentiated as people too. These days, we focus on differences – ‘us and them’ seems the commonality. We are a race bent on individuality. We keep ourselves separated by countries, nations, states, cities and neighbourhoods, we refuse to see our greatest similarities – our humanity. We have achieved historical accomplishments together where separately we have demonstrated our ability for mass destruction. We teach our children to work together, team effort and cooperation, but practice something entirely different when we grow up.


My point must inexorably come to this… I have lately found my happier moments on projects that help promote writers. My day job permits me to help people get their computers working again. The feeling of every successful job is indescribable by comparison.

I strive to be acknowledged, to be recognized and to be remembered and I know that is a selfish thing. I strive to accomplish things and to tell a story – that’s why I am a writer, that is why I tinker with web design. I have a voice and a means to be heard. Despite all our differences, despite we may come from worlds apart and speak different languages, we all share the same feeling when we make someone happy and glad to be alive. I am finding greater purpose in what I do. I helped conjure a writers group in my hometown where I help members with their writing projects ( I designed and built a website to promote a very unique initiative to promote self-published writers to help them gain exposure for their efforts ( This is where I find fulfillment.

I will not fear death, I will welcome it when it welcomes me for I know I will have lived.