Kevin G Hare

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Heads or Tails

How do you measure the quality of a person?  Is it in the eyes?  Is it in the manner or the smile?  Does it hide behind a façade, hidden deep within the character where it is tucked away from searching eyes?  Do you wonder if there is fact in the varied dimensions of a single personality?

We, as individuals, are many people.  We are the person at work who interacts in a professional manner with co-workers and customers.  We are the customers who interact with the people in an effort to get what we asked for, exactly the way we want it.  We are the socialites that act out in complete discordance with those also seeking to vent a little pent-up stress and anxiety.  Then we are our true selves when we are in our own homes amongst those who know us best.  It is here where we shed our armour and our masks.  It is here where our true souls shine whatever shade of luminescence guides them.

Imagine, if you will, the result of an experiment where we forgot which personality we use in each setting?  Perhaps we would treat the worker in a professional manner as they got what we asked for.  Perhaps as a worker, we would let our guards down a little and find a greater atonement in co-workers and customers.  Perhaps the mask of grandeur would not be so necessary in a social setting to prove superiority and greater sense of worth.  And perhaps all this good will would overflow into our home lives and reflect, no, radiate upon those who know us best.

Sadly, we have seen how it is in the real world.  We work with people who don’t want to work.  People who are concerned with getting through their terribly difficult day and aren’t concerned in the least about quality in either product or customer care.  We treat the workers as subservient, there to do our bidding.  They are less because we expect no less than impeccable customer service yet we feel that we should not be treated so in our own workplace.  We don’t want to be pushed around or stepped on or made to feel any less than what we are.  But we do it to others.  ‘Two sides to the coin’ is the phrase.  We may think that we are one side or the other, the head or the tail.  I don’t think we realize that during the course of any given day – we are both.  We are the customers looking for flawless service looking down on the worker, and we are also the worker refraining from screaming at the customer who is treating us as inferior.

Two sides.

Comic book heroes put on masks to be greater than they are – save one.  There was one hero created who was designed to be greater than all the rest.  Not for his physical strength and wondrous abilities and not for his greater-than-life persona that we forced upon him and packed behind a big, red “S”.  This is the only character that takes his mask off to become his true self.   Above all, we look up to this one.  He inspires us to be better than we are, a pinnacle of inner strength that we could possess if we put our minds to it.

Truth, justice and all that - mere words that in the real world, also stand for honesty and a good work ethic.  Inner strength and a kind heart; we’ve heard this before as the chicken soup that makes a good soul.  It is more than that; this is what makes the quality of a person, a really good person.  What side do you want to be, the head or the tail?  I mean, you know what’s under the tail don’t you?