Kevin G Hare

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Happy King Cow

There is an old story that I know

Of a cow, some jewellery and the gift of a pillow

This cow was a king and on his throne he sat

But he was lazy, tired and really, really fat


No gumption to rise from his large, round tuff

He felt bad for himself, his life was rough

He’d look down at his belly, all plump like jelly

A wiggle and jiggle his belly all swelly


His rather plump form really bothered him some

It made him unhappy and his heart kind of numb

The folks that knew him, they didn’t mind

But he’s cover his belly with jewellery of all kind


Now a sad cow king makes not a happy kingdom

His subjects looked hard for happiness to bring him

Across the land came gifts a plenty

From toys to jewels and a shiny copper penny


It wasn’t ungratefulness, you must understand

That these gifts aplenty felt bland in his hand

Till came this one calf with a special something

Once was her dad’s, “Mom told me to bring.”


Now Old King Cow looked upon the gift

His heart gained pace, made his gumption shift

“Such a comfy gift, sweet child, to lift my sorrow.”

A shimmery cow perched on highly sweet pillow.