Kevin G Hare

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Feathered Duster

The police were lost right from the start.  They came into the messed up house to a dead man lying on the floor with a knife in his chest.  I can tell you to this day they never found out who killed him.  They made a big fuss about it though; swore up and down somebody was there to do the old man in.

There were obvious signs of struggle since the house was all upset; lamps broken, furniture tossed about and, of course, the knife sticking in John Cross’s chest at an odd angle.  I alone know what really happened.  I saw it all.  I know the whole story.

I never knew John Cross to be a nice man.  His wife, Susan, was a wonderful human being however.  Always kind, always smiled when she talked to me.  She never smiled when John was around though.  He did that to people.  Unfortunately, Susan died a while ago and that left John with the responsibility of looking after Susan’s best friend, Hershey, her beloved parrot.

John’s mind began to change after Susan died.  People began to take notice and his granddaughter, Jennifer, didn’t visit as often.  Hershey took that part as hard as losing Susan, for Jennifer was very much like her - friendly.  People came to see John as crazy.  They said he started hearing voices and that things were moving around the house.  He claimed Susan was haunting him; said her ghost was taking revenge on him.

It didn’t matter in the end what John believed was happening.  He eventually put it together and then he got mad.  He started tearing the house apart, he was throwing lamps across the room and when he got the knife, it was because he was after Hershey.  He wanted to kill the bird.

It wasn’t such an odd notion really.  After all, it was the parrot who was whispering behind John’s back; it was the parrot who moved things around to make John loose his mind.  And it was the parrot who was flying around John’s head when he tripped over the mess he made, causing him to drop the knife.  It was sheer dumb luck the way it landed and the way John landed on the knife.  Dumb luck was all.

But the police never figured it out.  The evidence was there but it didn’t point to anybody.  The parrot was overlooked, nobody thought I was capable of such an act.  Suits me, I live with Jennifer now, she’s very friendly and treats me well.  The man that stays with us though, don’t think I trust him…