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Eragon Review

Long live the ‘zero to hero’ plot line!  Change is thrust upon our zero, Eragon, the day he stumbles upon a unique blue rock in the mysterious mountain ranges called the Spine.  Adventure captures the young farmer when the rock hatches and brings forth a magnificent, blue dragon into his life.  Turmoil and tragedy soon follow over several months as Eragon raises Saphira.  The dark king, Galbatorix, wishes to control the new Dragon Rider or destroy him as he did to the generation of riders before him.  The duo is forced to flee Eragon’s home in search for the Varden, the rebellious group that stands against Galbatorix’s rule.

Eragon’s training begins on the road through the tutelage of Brom, whose own past is somewhat questionable.  The plot thickens as we glimpse into the mystery that Eragon’s life and the magic that bonds him to Saphira and he is elevated to the status of hero.  A new array of characters both dark and good-hearted is introduced, some clearly defined while others shrouded in a veil of mistrust.  Eragon must learn the ancient language to master the magic within him and his skills are constantly challenged throughout his journey.  As he learns who he is, he saves an elf princess, stands against the fearsome Urgals, stands mighty in battle and destroys a deadly Shade, earning the respect of an empire.

His trials are long and engaging and some scenes could have been shortened or omitted without losing sight of the main focus.  All in all, the book is a fantastic triumph to the efforts of the writer.  It is a story that shows us there is no set formula for the forging of a hero.  Strength can be found anywhere, and the truth of spirit is built on the trust of friendships.  This is unique storytelling with a depth and perspective unknown in new and young authors.  Thoughtful planning of plot and characters as well has Christopher Paolini leading us on one fantastic journey!