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Cleansing Creative Blocks

Every writer at some point feels the curse of writer's block. That mind-numbing experience where all creative flow seems to completely dissipate and we are left staring at either a blank page or the end of a sentence wondering where to go next. Unknown to many writers, there are less orthodox meth…

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Don't Fear the Un-Comfort Zone

Sometimes, to be better writers, we need to dip outside of our norms and venture into the darker recesses of our minds to create that great fiction story. Not many newbie writers can do it and some of those who can, may not always come back the same. This is writing outside of our comfort zones …

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Size Doesn't Matter - Too Much

I don’t ever remember every being hung up on the quantity of any story I ever wrote, I was always concerned about the quality. That made more sense. From what I’m reading on various posts, many new writers are still stuck on the mechanics of writing, specifically, how long something should be.

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The Write Time


I am going to follow up on September's post, The Write Commitment, because I feel there's more to say on the subject. That post was about getting past the excuses of not writing and making the commitment to actually writing - making the write time.

You are only kidding yourself by falli…

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POV - Who's Eyes Anyway?

POV, or Point Of View, can be one of the most confusing aspects of storytelling for a lot of writers. POV is simply who's eyes through which you want to tell your story. This post aims to clear some of the murkiness of making that choice.

Firstly, it's best for you to know what the different …

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Overcoming Writer's Block

Writer's block is that nasty demon that creeps up and sucks the creativity out of us until we can no longer find the words to print on the page. It can be a devastating and debilitating experience to endure and I see post after post on Facebook on how to quell this carefree critter.

It may wa…

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Writer Validation - Traditional of Independent Publishing?

Every aspiring writer out there wants the same thing in one form or another - to be recognized as a writer. For most of us, it's the motivation for why we write. We can craft stories, create worlds with amazing characters who can do amazing things but in the end, we want someone else to read them. W…

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No Greater Gratification

There is something to be said about completing a project. It's the end of a journey, the sense of completion and accomplishment. A way to tell the world, "I did something!" It doesn't matter if the something was painting the deck, writing a book, creating a work of art or climbing a mountain, at tha…

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The Write Commitment

You want to be a writer. Most of us with full time jobs that take up most of our schedules, scratch a spec off the clock to frantically pound out what few words we can before another distraction pulls us away. We don’t seem to understand the level of commitment it takes to truly be a writer.


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Marketing for Writers

Smashwords is a great tool.

A new author will be hard pressed to get any sort of exposure in the writing world without marketing and creating a social presence. Fortunately, these days there are several options for the writer who is not initially thinking of traditional publishers right away.…

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What's Your Hurry?

I get that we writers want to put out book after book to get our names out there, to get noticed, get picked up by a publishing house so we step out into the world and scream, "I made it!". That letter of acceptance from a professional to signify and cement the recognition that you are now an author…

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Show, Don't Tell

Writing is a fine craft. It’s a constant practice to find the right words to form a complete thought to create that perfect sentence. Writing, to me, is about inviting a reader to step out of their reality for a time and get caught up in my universe. But, in order for them to accept, I need them to …

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