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I am going to follow up on September's post, The Write Commitment, because I feel there's more to say on the subject. That post was about getting past the excuses of not writing and making the commitment to actually writing - making the write time.

You are only kidding yourself by falling for your own excuses why you can't sit down and write anything. Maybe it's because you're scared. Most of us go through that. You really, really want to sit at your desk or in a chair in a quiet room, shut out all outside distractions and pump out 2000 words to fill a daily word count goal. But you're scared. Scared that what you write won't be good enough; you aren't a good enough writer, or no one is going to read it anyway.

Boo hoo, folks, that's the average life of the writer. Time to gather your composure and face some facts.

No writer ever got to be a better writer but not writing. No writer ever started out writing perfectly, and no writer ever pumps out a perfect first draft. Well, I can't verify that 'cause I don't know every writer so if you are one of those exceptions to the ordinary, please get in touch with me, I'd love to know about your process!

Motivation to write is something you have to find within yourself, not on facebook writing groups. It's ok to ask others what motivates them to get some ideas but in the end, what gives them the urge to write might not work for you. You must know why you want to write. That makes your time the right time to write. Not writing is easy, writing takes effort and no good thing should ever come that easy. Especially writing, as mentioned in the other post, it takes the commitment to the story, the characters and the art of arranging the proper words on the page to affect an emotional response.

That's motivation right there. To tell a story that directs a commitment from a reader to want to know what happens next, to see this thing through to end where the world is at peace again or the main characters have overcome their challenges and can move on having learned something in the process.

That is the purpose of a great story.

Your life may be surrounded by people who will tell you writing is a fruitless pursuit. You will never support yourself or your family with it or you will never amount to anything. Stick with the system, "don't give up your day job". Many of us have heard this before. Many who have completed great works and gone on to be well recognized for their craft have heard this before. They did it anyway because they either wanted it bad enough or they wanted to know for themselves if they could do it - and the only way to learn that was to write.

Sometimes - no - all the time, you need to listen less to the outside voices who tell you what you can't do and do it anyway. Make your writing time. If you have a story to tell, tell it. Don't accept the excuses or distractions. Sure, you have a job and responsibilities, but you also have spare time and that time is yours to do with as you please.

Use it to tell your story. Use it for your Write Time.

Read my post on Overcoming Writer's Block for more motivational tips to help pull that story out of you!


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