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You want to be a writer. Most of us with full time jobs that take up most of our schedules, scratch a spec off the clock to frantically pound out what few words we can before another distraction pulls us away. We don’t seem to understand the level of commitment it takes to truly be a writer.

Distractions are easy to give in to, we’ve all been there. We sit down with the gumption to write something but as we stare at a blank screen, or the last words we scribbled out the last chunk of time we were able to make some progress, some meagre excuse draws our attention away.

Too much light, the dishes aren’t done, forgot to take the steaks out for supper, maybe if I sit on the porch in the fresh air an idea will come to me, I just don’t feel it right now…

If we just had the commitment to momentarily focus on the task at hand, pick up the pen or place our fingers on the keyboard and just start. It’s always hard at first but over time it gets easier, ideas start to flow, the words just come to us and the story begins to tell us what to put on the page. Giving in to the excuses becomes habitual if we let them win but the commitment to the work and the dedication to the craft gets stories completed.

I was giving in to the excuses for a long time. I figured, one day I’ll have a creative spurt and the book will be finished. One day. Years pass with that attitude and I’m here to tell you, you will regret not sitting down and writing it then as opposed to now. I want my full-time occupation to be a writer and when this reality actually sunk in, like the Aha! moment of absolute clarity, I made the connection – I made the commitment to be a writer.

The next steps I took where very important. I redeveloped my author website and dug up as many pieces of anything I ever wrote as I could find and put them on their own page for all to read. I listed my book projects both past, current and upcoming and wow, what an eye opener! Realizing I had books yet to write fanned the flames of creativity. And I added my own blog to spread the word and share what info I have to help everyone else.

Next came the social media posts, a new Facebook page, an update to my Smashwords account; generally re-inventing myself as a writer. The last phase in my commitment was the most crucial, however. I had to understand that I am not an IT Guy who writes, I am a writer who does IT stuff.

That cements the commitment, locks it into your mindset. To be a writer, promote yourself as a writer, convince yourself you are a writer. Don’t convince yourself you don’t have time to write right now, the more you write the easier it is to write. The 'practice, practice, practice' adage fits here, it truly does.

I am more committed to writing than I ever have been. I want to see my projects completed because I love the stories I created and can’t wait to see how they turn out. I want this to be my full time job even if it only pays enough to help with the bills because I’m doing something I love doing every day. If this is where you want to be, find the write commitment in you, that which motivates you to become a writer, not a service tech or cashier or administrative assistant; great jobs to be sure but only temporary if writing is your true passion.

Step out of the shadows and announce yourself as a writer, friends. You’ll be glad you did.

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