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No Greater Gratification

There is something to be said about completing a project. It's the end of a journey, the sense of completion and accomplishment. A way to tell the world, "I did something!" It doesn't matter if the something was painting the deck, writing a book, creating a work of art or climbing a mountain, at that moment, there is no greater gratification than declaring, "It's finished!"

One can only understand the feeling if you have struggled for sometimes years to finish a project and finally polished it off to the thing you always envisioned it to be. Many of us have come to this point in our lives, especially writers because we work and rework a story for months or years even before we get to the first editing stages. For me, Anderoth's Dragon was written, self-published, rewritten, self-published again then rewritten yet again, ten years later.

I can finally say, "It's finished!"

I can enjoy the gratification of achievement for I know, once I get feedback from beta readers, I will not rewrite this story again. I will put it to rest as the final draft and move on to different projects and a new sense of gratification at another finished project in the short future. This is where we want to be and to get to. The completed project. The end goal. We want to relive that feeling again and again but to do so, it requires the effort and the time to work on the task. This should be the fuel for our motivation to keep going. The first one is always the hardest for new writers because we know the story we want to tell, but we may not have all the knowledge and experience to tell it properly. That's ok, that's how we learn to be better and that's what we need to express to new writers. Take your time and learn how to craft a story. It does us no good to rush into finishing a book no one will read because the story and the characters are weak.

The true gratification comes not only from the completed project, but from knowing the project was completed well.

Thought I would share some experience... would love to know what others think, leave some comments below!

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