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Smashwords is a great tool.

A new author will be hard pressed to get any sort of exposure in the writing world without marketing and creating a social presence. Fortunately, these days there are several options for the writer who is not initially thinking of traditional publishers right away. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Snapchat... there's a myriad of social media platforms to take advantage of to promote yourself and your work. You should, of course, always start with your own author website.

Your website is your go to source for bio, current projects, upcoming projects, past works, extra stuff, giveaways - anything that will give your viewers something to take away with them, be it as simple as information or a free read for a project you have on the go. Viewers will become steady readers if they become involved in your process much the same way as they become involved with the stories you write.

Aside from a facebook page (an author page, separate from your personal page) and the other media outlets, I would advise getting yourself a Smashwords account. Through Smashwords, you get (for free...) a profile page to feature yourself and your books with direct links to certain social media profiles and your website, instant exposure to other writers and visitors on Smashwords, you get to upload your books where they convert the files into various formats for different platforms and they make your books available for sale in those formats right on the site. As well, they offer an affiliate program so you can list books from the Smashwords library on your site for up to 11% commision. Now I'm thinking, if I make direct contact with other authors here, we set up a shared agreement where I list their books, they list mine - everybody wins and gets shared promotion. That is coopetition!

But this is only one avenue, here are some other sites to check out for tons more info from very qualified people:


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