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Cleansing Creative Blocks

Every writer at some point feels the curse of writer's block. That mind-numbing experience where all creative flow seems to completely dissipate and we are left staring at either a blank page or the end of a sentence wondering where to go next. Unknown to many writers, there are less orthodox methods to cleansing those negative creative blocks.

I'll tell what I did when I recently had a complete creative block and could barely commit any idea to anything I was trying to accomplish.

Understand, I'm somewhat spiritual by nature so I already knew of other options available. I have written other posts about Overcoming Writer's Block, The Write Commitment, The Write Time, all offering some insight to stay motivated and keep to your writing schedule, but I have never touched on the focus of the mind to clear any negative issues.

I spend time outdoors, I am drawn to nature, love being there and that is where I get the bulk of my inspiration. I enjoy and actively seek out a connection with the Earth, as seen in my other projects, OG Wild at This spiritual side has allowed me to understand some blockages are created by a build up of negative energies and they simply need to be cleansed or released in order for those ideas to start flowing again.

I had a moment when I knew this was happening to me. I couldn't write and I had several projects on the go. I opened each one and stared at the pages, read and reread what I had done already in hopes to rekindle the spark of the story. I was stuck and I had to admit I was stuck. None of my other means to clear the block were helping. I spent some outside, retreated to a calm and relaxing atmosphere, removed as much stress and distractions as possible and focused on the task.


I just happened to be browsing facebook one day, looking for anything in a writer's group post that might inspire me when I noticed a friend who put up a post about Reiki energy healings. I contacted her on her facebook page, Symmetric Energy Healing, and set up an appointment.

I truly can't explain fully the world of difference it made!

My session lasted about a half hour but to me, it felt like ten minutes. I was completely relaxed in a calm, spiritually nurturing atmosphere while Tracey called on her energies to cleanse mine. She knew right away my head was plugged up with bad mojo and went to work. At one point, I experienced the sensation of gently swaying back and forth, almost weightless, like I was in a hammock suspended between two supporting trees. When she was done, I felt lighter, clearer and more focused than I had in weeks. I drove home with a new perception, without dwelling on any problems that may have caused my block in the first place.

The next morning provided the sum of the entire experience. Call it divine intervention, I'm not ruling it out. I was checking my email and had an invitation to submit a work for a short story contest. I read through the guidelines and my mind started swimming with ideas almost right away. I browsed some old poetry I wrote years ago and found a character, Lesarius, and a storyline just appeared that would meet the requirements for the contest.

In two days, I wrote 4000 words of that story and continue to work on it. I honestly don't think I will be able to submit it for the contest as the due date is in less than a week and the story continues to grow, but it is becoming the next book I must finish. Even my daughter likes the story and no one in my house is usually interested in what I write (not their genre).

This was an answer for me and I suggest other writers to not overlook the potential of a good reiki or energy cleansing session as a means to clear writer's block. After all, writer's block is a mental condition that causes a slump in the creative process. Why not try realigning your chakras, or balancing your energies to get inspiration flowing again? You have nothing to lose and more stories to gain.

It definitely worked for me and I will be going back!

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