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POV - Who's Eyes Anyway?

POV, or Point Of View, can be one of the most confusing aspects of storytelling for a lot of writers. POV is simply who's eyes through which you want to tell your story. This post aims to clear some of the murkiness of making that choice.

Firstly, it's best for you to know what the different …

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Overcoming Writer's Block

Writer's block is that nasty demon that creeps up and sucks the creativity out of us until we can no longer find the words to print on the page. It can be a devastating and debilitating experience to endure and I see post after post on Facebook on how to quell this carefree critter.

It may wa…

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Writer Validation - Traditional of Independent Publishing?

Every aspiring writer out there wants the same thing in one form or another - to be recognized as a writer. For most of us, it's the motivation for why we write. We can craft stories, create worlds with amazing characters who can do amazing things but in the end, we want someone else to read them. W…

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No Greater Gratification

There is something to be said about completing a project. It's the end of a journey, the sense of completion and accomplishment. A way to tell the world, "I did something!" It doesn't matter if the something was painting the deck, writing a book, creating a work of art or climbing a mountain, at tha…

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