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Brittany’s Journal, September 7


Today was like the best day ever! I mean besides it was Friday, it was Kayla’s birthday today, OMG I’m so glad her parents didn’t make her move! She’s been my BF for like ever! Anyway she turned 16 today and her dad said she could have a party in the pool house at her place tomorrow. That’s like the best! I’m so psyched! We already talked about who we’re inviting. I mean besides the group, we definitely want Curtis – he’s so hot! He hangs out with Jared though which is ok, he’s kind of cute too but he always does this thing with his jaw that’s like, disgusting. Ok, Jen actually thought of inviting Bethany who thinks she’s like Beyonce or something, so we were totally not impressed. Jen can be so stupid sometimes. Anyway, I’m going over to Kayla’s tonight to decorate and get ready but my dad’s making me eat first so I’m like whatever. Tomorrow is going to be like the best day ever!