Kevin G Hare

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The View from the Barbershop Window

Sitting in the chair looking out, I got inspired...

Eragon Review

A review of the book, Eragon by Christopher Paolini.

Flipping Out on Fun

I wrote this one for Janice Valstar when I started coaching for her a number of years back. The club was named Flipping Out.

Heads or Tails

Perceptions and ramblings, this one on the two sides of people.

In Good Faith, We Jump

More perceptions and deep thinking

Kindle Craze

A review of Amazon's Kindle, 3rd generation.

Perceptual Obscureness

Pretty much get the idea from the title... Wrote for my first author website, Write Turn to the Left

Positive Power

Self empowerment article.

Rise of the Surfer

Movie review of Fantastic Four, Rise of the Silver Surfer 2007.

Royal Deception Synopsis

A synopsis I helped write for a member of AHA group. I must find out if she ever finished the book...

Self-Publishing on the Internet

An early look at my experiences of self-publishing. Not so relevant with the changes to way books are published these days and Amazon jumping on the wagon with their purchase of CreateSpace.

Self-Publishing: Things to Know to Make Money

Pretty much all in the title... Incidentally, HubPages is still going but it looks way different than I remember.

Shadows of Avalon: Merlin

Doing some research for Terth Willager 2, I put this history piece together on Merlin from what information I could find.

Sound Advice on Tinnitus

A sufferer myself, I did some research on the subject for an article way back when.

Spider-man 3: Dark Webs

Movie review on the 2007 attempt on the franchise.

Spider-man 3

My take based on the trailers, before watching the film.

The Ability to Self-Publish

More tribulations on the background work of getting Anderoth's Dragon to print.