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concept design for new cover

Ten years. At least two rewrites. I can finally put this project to rest. I feel far better about the story than I ever have because I have a far better understanding of how a story should be. I strengthened the plot, the structure, the characters, the characters' motivation, re-sequenced some of the events to flow better and hopefully improved the overall sense of drama and suspense. I think I can finally say it has been completed.

So what next? I will be sending it out to a few beta readers to see if there are any grammar or sentence structure issues I will need to address. I have contracted a local artist to redo the cover artwork and even the rough draft is looking fabulous. I will format the document for Amazon and begin the upload process to have printed copies available and ebook version ready through Kindle and also through Smashwords.

After that, I will begin a meager marketing campaign by setting up some book signings and painting social media with a book release notice and hope things start taking off from there. I'll print up some new business cards to promote my writer persona and tell everyone I know I'm a writer, check out my work!

And I have begun with this page. Thanks so much for catching up!


Photo credit Josh Geisel.

Anderoth's Dragon

My original concept on this book was that I was going to do an ongoing series, semi-related called The Romulus Accounts. Romulus is a story-telling traveler who has kind of has his own story, as I wrote in this poem. Though it would make for the omniscient being person easier, that particular method of telling the story has long been abandoned for something that brings the reader in closer relationship with the character. So I scrapped the idea after learning more about how to write and craft a better story.

I hadn't quite perfected the craft when I rewrote and self-published the title again in 2007 through Lulu then eventually the same version through Createspace where the new cover graphic fit in and I removed The Romulus Accounts subtitle. But I did strengthen, and lengthen the book somewhat. I figured at that time, it was my first book, I have more I want to write so Anderoth's Dragon was the story it became and I moved on.

Some ten years later and I gave an old proof copy of the book to my son's girlfriend's mom and she thought it was great. I was astounded for I knew it could be a lot better and when she asked if there was going to be a sequel because I hadn't written in enough about my main character's mother, well that got me thinking a little. I never planned a sequel for Anderoth's Dragon but I did write in a few opportunities for side stories. The memories of the fun I had putting this story together the first time, aroused a desire to resurrect the project and perhaps make it the thing it was always supposed to be.

I set to another rewrite, putting aside all other projects (save for OG Wild's bushcraft book) and re-envisioned the story. I didn't want to change it for that was the story I originally set but I did want to make it better, longer, with a better plot, stronger motivations for my characters and improve on the main character's mother to give her a better backstory and role in motivation. I want to imagine the setting all over again, live in the nostalgia of that time when I wrote it the first time and breathe new life into a promising tale. I hope those who read the first draft would be interested in reading the new version for I have learned and practiced my craft much over the years and I have no doubt this rewrite will hold your attention and your imagination far better than the original. Below is the complete collection of the original I did myself and had included in the original book...



Bound within the dark eternal
Lingered a dragon’s rage
Dwarves unleashed its great inferno
Only Lord of elves could cage

Ages passed and peace gave way
An heir slain coldly
A goblin threat waits at bay
A brother will stand so boldly

Friends he'll find on valiant quest
An elf and troll of wood
A journey hard to bring his best
Fate and destiny understood

A weapon sought from ages past
All efforts tried in vain
A threat to face and fight at last
And a dragon needed slain