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What About Me?

I wrote my first book in 2007 (Anderoth’s Dragon) and that was after trying to understand the craft through poetry and short stories. It took some time to write that first one and it was little more than a series of events playing out till the end. I didn’t understand the fundamentals like the three act structure or the 8 point story arc or backstory, character development. There was just a lot I still didn’t understand. But I learned some of it and rewrote the book, then rewrote it again. It still wasn’t up to par.

I wrote my second book (Terth Willager, Age of Mythology) a year and a bit later and it was better but not quite up to standard. That’s when the three act structure became more prominent in my process. I took some time after that to learn how the 8 point arc worked and I read more books on fiction writing, editing as well as plot and structure. During that time, I was working on a trilogy (The Theonis Trio) I had in mind for some time. I got involved with a writers’ group and we helped each other understand the writing process better and I wrote a bunch, rewrote, finished the first book in the trilogy then put it away.

Why? Didn’t matter how much outlining and planning I did, I couldn’t make the story work into the second book. I took it as a sign it wasn’t time to finish it.

Work and family caught up with me after that and I didn’t write much for a while. I did pick up the outline every so often to look it over, tinker with it, refine it a little. Then I got laid off March 2016. Seemed like it was a good time to try writing again. I started on an outdoor survival book (Organizing Survival the OG Wild Way) as a project for a small business (OG Wild Productions) a couple of friends and I wanted to start up and I discovered something. I could write so much easier when I just write about stuff I know and learn about instead of making it all up in fantasy fiction. I will always enjoy writing fantasy but now I have another avenue to pursue.

Being unemployed and trying to discover what services were available to me took me down a darker path. I began to learn more about the government and the system and how it really isn’t there to make sure I’m doing ok. Then the real crap with the NDP and Liberals really began to surface and that brought out another short book (The Little Book of Joe’s Sh!t Life) where I got to vent out all the disappointment that started to well up inside. There were things I wanted other people to know.

That’s where I am. Not looking for another job because I want to be a writer and outdoor survivalist. These are my passions and I am going to chase them, grab on tight and ride them into the next world. I live now for the story wherever I find it, sitting in my office or under a tree. I’ll take inspiration when it strikes and go wherever it takes me for that is my process.

That’s who I am. I am a writer.

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