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A Kiss in Blood

She took another new one that night.  She doesn’t do it often but since she’d been around for so long, every once in a while sure doesn’t hurt.  She didn’t waste time once they got into the room either.  She stripped him, carelessly ripping off his shirt, untied his trousers and dropped everything to the floor.  He tried to kiss her but she backed off.  She doesn’t do that.  She’d take his rod as deep into her mouth as he dared go but no way in her damned life would she let a man kiss her.

She took the top, as she always did.  It was the control, she liked being in control.  She looked at his nakedness.  He’ll do, she thought.  He was already getting hard and she didn’t want to waste it.  She pushed him onto the bed and watched his dick with mild pleasure as it bounced around.  She stripped herself then went to him.  Her hand ran up his leg then wrapped around his pulsing shaft that waited for her touch.  She stroked it as she moved easily on top of him.  Once in position, she eased down on him then arched her back to allow the first feelings of the moment engulf her.

She began to move.  She rocked, she swayed, she lifted then dropped again.  She orchestrated her own rhythm, unconcerned of his presence.  He didn’t matter anyway; he was just the rest of what was attached to that which she needed.  She was smooth and fluid.  She was soft and melodic.  The bed boards weren’t straining and the bed didn’t spasm across the floor.  Her movements were purposeful and directed to one goal that when she reached it, it splashed throughout her body, shivered along her spine and caused her hips to convulse in pleasure.

She opened her eyes.  It was dark in the room, at least to him, she could see just fine.  Unfair for him that he could not or he would have seen the black of her eyes or the length of her teeth.  She waited.  There

was a moment she liked best.  The moment of anticipation during the hunt that makes the kill so much sweeter.  She let him move now.  He was building.  His motion told her so, the sound of his heart racing told her so.  The moment was near.  His groans built in volume and his hips thrust forward as his load spurt inside her and she struck.  Mouth wide, she lunged to his throat and ripped it open as eagerly as she had ripped his shirt.  She drank deeply as both red and white pulsed from his body.  This was her ecstasy, her moment, her reward for the kill.

Bodies were easily disposed of.  This was Raeyanna’s domain, an acre of palace with none but servants to do her bidding.  Servants would take the corpse to the wild hounds at the edge of the forest before it cooled.  They waited there without ever straying too far for they knew a meal would soon come.

Naked and satisfied, Rae strolled to the large glass doors to the side of the bed.  She opened them and breathed deep the rush of cool air that welcomed her.  The town of Miridrid was far below her balcony.  Few lights still flickered through pained windows while most of the town slumbered peacefully.

Rae was newly invigorated.  She surged with energy and suddenly longed for the outdoors.  Two of her servants entered with a large wool blanket.  They were both women, both attractive and clad in silk gowns that flowed in the slightest breeze.

“This one suited you, Mistress?” one said.  Her name was Rose, the other was Genera.

“He was pleasing, Rose.  Though I have a desire to go out.  The air calls to me.”  Raeyanna said.

“Of course, Mistress.  We shall tidy for you.”  Rose reached down and grasped the dead man’s placid member.  “You certainly drained this one.”

“That part is naturally simple for men, I suppose.”

The servants placed the body on the wool blanket, wrapped it then dragged it out the door.  Rae dressed in dark clothes, a mixture of leather and soft fabric, good walking boots and a cloak.  She did not know where she would go in the little town.  Perhaps just for a stroll, perhaps she would encounter a prelude to a future hunt.  With a glance at the moon and a quick sprint, she dove over the balcony and into the dark.

The only tavern in town was still bustling with the usual frequents.  The evening wore on but it was not yet late enough nor were the drunks drunk enough to go home.  The establishment was owned by Derek, he was burly, balding and middle aged.  He built the place and ran it still.  Mason was his younger brother, several years Derek’s junior and he helped by taming the beasts that wine and ale could sometimes unleash.  Mason was good at it too.  Derek had taught him everything he knew and Derek learned it during his years as a freelance knight once seeking the road to glory.

The night was not unlike any other.  Mason looked to Derek, both acknowledging that it was about the right time for a visit from another frequent, one who usually entered already a beast.  His name was Goden.

Mason mildly tamed him once by forcing the much larger man to his knees in the middle of the tavern floor and forced him to apologize for roughing a server girl.  It did far from take the steam from Goden’s anger, but it did ease the amount of effort it took to calm the big man down afterwards.

The door opened and Mason looked to the entrance, expecting him to be there.  Instead, Raeyanna entered in her dark clothes and hood.  Mason took particular notice of her as she stayed at the doorway to scan the occupants of the room.  The door opened again and this time Goden did enter, as mean looking and as ill tempered as ever.

Mason’s eyes focused from Rae to the danger behind her.  Goden stepped just behind Rae’s cloaked body and towered over her by two full feet.  He drew his menacing eyes over the crowd as well before resting upon the unaware body before him.  Blatantly, Goden reached out his big hand and clasped her on the shoulder.

“Yer in me path, wee one.  You should move les I step on ya!”  He chuckled and spun her around.

Rae removed her hood and let the flickering light rest upon her subtle features and long black hair.  She stepped toward Goden and stared into his simple eyes.  For a moment they stood, locked in each other’s gaze.  Goden’s expression started to change from fearless to fearful as he saw her features flicker to something different..

Mason jumped between them and placed a hand on Goden’s chest.  “You barely made it in the door this time, Goden.  Perhaps it is not a good night for you to be here.”  He said.

Goden changed his focus to Mason letting his face became sour again.  “I came for a drink and I mean to have it ‘fore I go!”

“Not tonight.”

The big man drew a deep breath and prepared to blast Mason but a quick glance over Mason’s shoulder at the glare that Derek shot him made him think otherwise.

“Have it yer way then, weevil!  But you an me are going to have it out yet.”  He looked to Rae.  “Something wrong about that one.”  Goden said as he pushed his way back out the door.  Mason then turned to Rae.

“Are you alright?”  He asked.

Raeyanna looked at him quizzically.  “Why did you not kill him?”

Mason chuckled.  “Goden is a brute but there is really no need to take it that far.  Besides, death would be far too merciful for him, don’t you think?”

“I don’t normally calculate mercy into my plans.”  She stared at him as he smiled at her.  She found him interesting, he was innocent in a way she was not accustomed to.

“Let me get you something to drink.”  Mason offered.

“What could a man like you offer a stranger like me?”  She played.

“I am normally a good judge of character so I would guess from the look of you, perhaps a red wine.”

Rae smiled.  “Red wine based on the look of me? You are amusing.”

“I am Mason.  The barkeep is my brother Derek.  I help keep the peace in the place.”  Mason went straight behind the bar and fetched a bottle and two mugs.

“I am Raeyanna.  Those who know me call me Rae, and they are few.”

“An attractive name.  Are you from Miridrid?”

“Not originally, but I live here.  The palace on the hill is mine.”

Mason’s expression changed to surprise.  “Really?  I haven’t seen you before.  Derek and I always thought that some old crippled Duke lived up there.  None but servants are ever known to travel from there.”

Rae was stirred by his simple nature.  His face was lean, outlined by a head of dark hair.  His eyes were wise and commanding set in features of a younger man.  His mouth was an exquisite parting of poetry with a smile to match.  His manner was playful in presence and his excitement in trivial matters was strange to her.  He seemed like a man of experience that would not let go of his youthful naivete.  The men she had known in her life were more beast then she had become.  Demanding, rude and thinking of little else than fighting or ramming their drunken pricks into her whenever they desired.  And they would slobber on her.  How she hated it when they would lick her face with unclean tongues and festering breath.  The only man that ever did her any sort of a favour was the one that made her a vampire.  After that, she turned the roles on man.  She could dominate them.

Mason sat on a stool beside her and she found herself at a loss of what to expect from him.  He did not speak of lust and he looked into her eyes when he spoke with her, not at her chest.  She had to know more of this man.

“If my palace pleases you so much, I would be honoured to show it to you.” Rae stated.

“Actually, I would.  But I am just a stranger to you.  We have only met and it is late.”

“Really, now.”  She leaned toward him.  “You are not afraid of me are you?”

“No… I… that’s not what I meant!”

“Then come.  Be warned here and now, there are things to see not understood by common eyes.”

Raeyanna stood and walked toward the door.  Mason turned to Derek with a gaze of questioning.  Words did not need to be spoken as Derek waved him off with a sly smirk.

The path to the palace was extraordinary and the palace itself was many times that.  Mason revelled in the stone structure with its rich oak trim, oak pillars and oak railings.  The décor was ancient yet it looked surprisingly fresh.  Portraits of long dead ancestors, tapestries only slightly faded and as Mason had expected, the still statues of knights’ armour holding their swords in permanent grace.

“Most impressive!”  He declared.

“It is home.  I believe it is my turn to get you a drink.”

“Please.”  As his eyes still roamed the room, he was startled as Rose was standing beside him with a silver tray holding a silver goblet.  Rae was already sipping from another from across the room.  “I apologise, I didn’t see you come in.”  Mason said to Rose.

Rose only bowed and stepped aside with a glance of curious malaise toward her mistress.  Rae watched Mason with interest as he looked at the ornaments with an equal sense of fascination.   She leaned to whisper in Rose’s ear as the servant passed.

“You may find my wine is stronger than in your tavern.”  She offered.

“Thank you, I have done my share of drinking though, I think I’ll fair well enough.”

She watched him drink then smiled as he smacked his lips repeatedly at the first gulp.  “My palace pleases you?”  She asked.

“Yes.  It is incredibly large.  I couldn’t imagine what to do with all this space.”

“You come up with things.”  She said.

“You must have many servants.”

“A few.  Let me show you more.   There are many wonders here.”  There was mystery in her voice.  He heard the subtle hint, the promise of more and he followed with his curiousity opened wide.

He drank the potent wine and felt its effects swarm inside him.  Rae led him down corridors with many rooms on either side.  Some were sitting rooms for entertaining while others were mere reading rooms.  His mind swirled and he heard faint sounds echoing from some distant corners of the palace.  They entered a chamber and Mason’s focus became laboured.

“Are you fairing well, Mason?”  Rae asked.

“Yes… the wine… it is stronger.”  He forced the words out.

“Surely you can hold your drink?  I have such sights to show you.”  Rae teased.

In the middle of the chamber was a solitary table set above a grate in the floor.  Loose shackles were chained to the corners and more shackles lined the wall.  Remnants of an ancient torture chamber, Mason thought but the scene did not last for him to ponder.  They stepped into another corridor of rooms as Mason’s thoughts and will were barely in his control.  He peered into one of the open doors as he passed and saw a man sprawled on a table.  He was naked and two women tended to him, one slurped hungrily on

his engorged shaft, the other slurped hungrily on his wrist, from which blood poured freely.  That woman met Mason’s gaze as he passed.

The images hardly registered in his vacuous mind as he stumbled on.  He peered into another room to the sight of a woman lifted high above the floor, suspended by a series of hooks that pierced the flesh along the back of her body.  She still writhed slowly on the hooks, forcing blood to rain upon another couple below her.  A woman was bent over slightly as a man worked her heavily from behind.  Her one hand supported herself on a chair while the other smeared the dripping blood over her sizeable breasts.  She too caught Mason’s gaze and seductively brought a finger to her mouth, bearing the large fangs that gleamed white amongst the red.

In Mason’s mind, he knew that something was amiss.  The haze over his consciousness kept him from being alerted to the presence of danger that surrounded him.  Rae led him to her room.  They entered to the sight of Rose and Genera, disrobed and waiting.  Rae stepped behind him to close the door, then she urged him toward the naked servants.

The two placed their hands on him.  He moaned in fearful pleasure as they easily discarded his clothes and tossed them aside.  Rae went to the bed and watched.  She had done this before with other victims of her desire.  She watched before with cold affection or care as the men were used then drained for her amusement.

Rose went to her knees beside Mason and slid a hand gently over his stiff length while Genera pressed against his back to caress what Rose did not.  They were not forceful, yet still stroked him with an eagerness to experience his flesh.  Genera moved her hand over Rose’s to experience Mason’s dick.  Rose let her have it before moving in with her open mouth.  Genera guided as Rose closed her lips around him and slid him deeper into her throat.  Her tongue explored him and savoured tenderly everything that Mason was.

Rae sat up straight on the bed.  Sensations of control swelled in her as she watched her servants toy with Mason.  His moans were not so much of pleasure as were all the men’s before him.  His heart beat not in the thralls of desire but in apprehension.  Rae wanted to control him – alone.  No, there was something different, something she did not know, something she couldn’t remember.  She just wanted him.

“Wait!”  She said.  She stood and moved toward them.  “Leave us.”

Rose and Genera looked at each other in bewilderment before stepping out of the room.  Mason was only mildly aware of what was happening to him but he was stripped of his will to act out to save himself.  He could do nothing as Rae led him to the bed and eased him onto his back.  She placed a hand on his chest and she looked at his body.  She realized she looked at him differently than a few moments before and she could think of no reasoning for it.

She positioned herself above him.  She was subconsciously driven to do it now.  An instinct from deep within guided her actions.  She saw Mason look at her pleadingly.  She read in his eyes not to let him suffer.  She took his hand in hers, bared the weapons of her kind, and struck.

She drank, slowly and just enough not to kill him.  She looked into his eyes again as she lifted her head.  He was close, the sound of his heart barely beating told her so.  She bit her wrist then lowered the dripping blood to his mouth and slowly, Mason drank.


*          *          *          *


His eyes opened and focused with renewed clarity.  He felt different, he felt new, he felt – for lack of a better term – pure.  There were new sounds and new scents.  He sat up on the bed and looked around the room.  It was dark but he could see clearly.  He sniffed the air and knew Rae stood behind him at the balcony.

Mason rose to his feet and felt a new vigour coarse through his legs.  He savoured the sensation and he liked it.  An energy he did not know electrified his body.  True desire filled him when his eyes fell upon Rae’s lean, naked body bathed in cool moonlight.  His excitement stood firm as he approached her and he placed his hands on her shoulders then slid them down her arms.  Her skin was silk to his touch.  His hands moved to her hips and she began to move in response to his firmness that she could not dismiss.

He leaned forward to breath the scent of her hair and her neck as she moaned gently.  He felt around to her stomach and pulled her closer.   She arched her back and pushed her hips further as her feet gained distance from each other.

Mason eased himself into her and she welcomed him with a gasp.  He held so they could feel themselves as one before they found a rhythm together, one they seemed to have always known.  To look at them was a scene of sensual beauty, fulfilling each other in a ritualistic dance known so purely by only a few.

Mason did not ravage her, nor did Rae control him.  They simply acted on a primal instinct for each other beneath the embrace of the moon.  At the moment he could not sway any longer, Mason thrust with the explosion of his ecstasy and she pulsed in her own wave of climax.  They were complete.  Each had experienced the unison of a partnership that reached beyond the barriers of mortal existence.

Rae turned to face Mason.  She looked into his eyes as they each breathed the cool air.  She ran her fingers through his hair.  She closed her eyes as she pulled his head to hers.  And she kissed him.